Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday invited the world to invest in India based on the five pillars of – talent, market, capital, eco-system and culture of openness.

Stating that India’s strides in the world of tech and start-up are well-known, he said the country is home to one of the world’s largest start-up ecosystems and several unicorns have come up in recent years.

Addressing the VivaTech Summit, the Prime Minister asserted that India as a nation is adaptable and agile, even in the middle of the pandemic. “India offers what innovators and investors need,” he said.

He also called for focus on ‘repair and prepare’ as the nation emerges out of a devastating pandemic. “Over the past year, we have witnessed a lot of disruption in different sectors. Much of it is still there. Yet, disruption does not have to mean despair,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that the country must focus on the twin foundations of repair and prepare, referring to the need to augment healthcare infrastructure in the country as well as prop up the economy.

Indian economy suffered its worst contraction in decades in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, as the pandemic-induced lockdown impaired economic activity.



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