The Indian multilingual microblogging and social networking platform Koo was recently launched in Brazil. In addition, the platform also added language support for Portuguese, making the available in 11 native languages. Within the 48 hours of its launch in Brazil, the app occupied 1 million user downloads, 2 million Koos and 10 million likes and is currently on #1 spot on both the Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

“We saw more than a million users from Brazil join Koo in the last 48 hours and with one of the highest engagement ever seen. Brazil is big on social media and speaks Portuguese, the native language. Koo has become a cult brand in Brazil that enjoys an unbelievable fan following. We are proud to have started the movement of ‘Make in India, Make for the World’ in the tech product world. We have made Brazil fall in love with India. With every new language and country launched, we will be getting closer to our mission of uniting a world that is divided by language-barriers,” said Mayank Bidawatka, Co-founder, Koo in the official statement.

After the launch, famous Brazilian celebrities including Rosana Hermann, Babu Santana, Claudia Leitte, and News outlet Choquei have also joined Koo App. Celebrity Felipe Neto even surpassed 450K followers in just two days after joining the platform, becoming the most followed user. Koo is also anticipated to see significant global popularity.

Based in Bengaluru, India, Koo was initially launched in 2020 with support of Kannada language. Later the app added support for Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Punjabi and Hausa. Koo is further aiming to reach more countries globally making a strong foundation as a multilingual microblogging. According to the app information, soon Koo will also support more foreign native languages including Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese and others.

Amid all the chaos in Twitter, the Koo App has steadily grabbed growth, becoming the 2nd largest multi-lingual microblogging platform available.


India today