Intelligence agencies on Tuesday, April 19, said they had unearthed a big cyber-security breach allegedly involving military officials with suspected links to enemy countries. Top sources said: “Military and intelligence agencies have unearthed a cyber-security breach involving some military officials. This is likely linked to espionage-related activities by a neighbouring country. The breach happened through WhatsApp groups.”

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Sources said that an inquiry has been ordered into the issue. “Acts of infringement of existing orders especially involving counter-intelligence matters by military officials are dealt with strictest possible manner as they are subject to the Official Secrets Act,” an official said. “Strictest possible action would be taken against all the officials found guilty in the ongoing investigations,” the officials assured.

Asked to provide further details on the matter, the defence official said, “Due to the sensitive nature of the investigation, we would request to avoid speculations on the breach or seeking out personnel involved as it would compromise the probe.”

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In recent times, suspected Pakistani and Chinese intelligence operatives have been attempting to engage with military personnel on social media platforms to gain sensitive information from them on the military and its activities. Even though the majority of their attempts fail, they have allegedly been able to extract some information from a few military personnel who fell into their trap.


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