If you thought the noise cancellation feature is only limited to the earphones, you probably have read enough about your iPhone. Apple offers noise cancellation features in models including the iPhone 5 and higher. However, the latest bug found in iOS 15 has reportedly removed the noise cancellation feature from the iPhone 13 series. A Reddit user has said that the toggle to turn on/off the noise cancellation feature doesn’t appear on the iPhone 13 line.

A Reddit user, who goes by the name throwawayowl999, alleged that Apple has removed the noise cancellation feature from the iPhone 13. The same feature which is available on the iPhone 12, iPhone 11 and others, was apparently not visible on the iPhone 13 line-up. In his long Reddit post, the user questioned Apple for doing away with such an important feature and wrote, “How can Apple remove such a basic feature from a 2k USD phone in 2021? I have a rotting Galaxy S6 Edge here, and the call quality isn’t comparable. The S6 is crispy clear, has perfect voice, zero background noise, both on the sending and receiving end. The iPhone 13 Pro Max: hissing sounds, crackling, feels like the old Alcatel days.”

Apple had added a noise cancellation feature for FaceTime which is called “Voice isolation”. That feature apparently is only limited to video calls and doesn’t work with cellular calls.

Another user who goes by the handle dagocarlito, pointed out that iPhone 13 has never had the noise cancellation option with iOS 15 because it’s a glitch. “I’ve been speaking with Apple Support regarding this. It’s a known issue they are working on with no resolution timeline at the moment. This issue also creates problems with echos on CarPlay when talking between iPhone 13’s. It is a major flaw that needs to be resolved asap,” the user wrote.

Apple is yet to issue a fix. The Reddit user confirmed that he had a word with Apple executives and Apple engineers are working on it. However, the company has refused to reveal whether it is a software or a hardware issue. Apple may issue a fix in the coming weeks


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