iPhone 13 series finally became available to buy and excited buyers were eager to find out what is so new about the cameras. Well, if you take Apple’s word for it, the iPhone 13 cameras are phenomenal. But if you want more proof, DxOMark was pretty busy recently conducting tests on the cameras of the entire iPhone 13 series. It recently found out that the iPhone 13 Pro outranks iPhone 12 Pro in terms of cameras. Now, DxOMark has declared that even the iPhone 13 cameras are better than the cameras on iPhone 12 Pro.

In its camera review of the iPhone 13, DxOMark has given a score of 138 for photography, which is 1 point more than what the iPhone 12 Pro got last year. This means that the iPhone 13 cameras are better than those of the iPhone 12 Pro, according to DxOMark’s testing. But this is not a dramatic difference, so people with an iPhone 12 Pro do not need to worry much. Your iPhone 12 Pro is still a fantastic phone that you absolutely do not need to replace with an iPhone 13, at least right now. DxOMark gave the iPhone 13 a video score of 117, which is also better than the iPhone 12 Pro’s score, but again, there is not much difference here. Both phones support Dolby Vision, while only the iPhone 13 has the Cinematic Mode.

“ The new primary module uses the same size sensor as last year’s top-of-the-line iPhone 12 Pro Max and there is now Dual-Pixel autofocus instead of PDAF,” said DxOMark in its review. The biggest advantage the iPhone 13 has over last year’s iPhone 12 Pro is the Dual-Pixel autofocus instead of PDAF, which improves photos by a big margin. With sensor-shift stabilisation, the iPhone 13 gains an edge over the iPhone 12 Pro, despite being a lot cheaper comparatively.

DxOMark has praised the iPhone 13 cameras for their good colour reproduction and on-point white balance in photos. In most light conditions, the skin tones are pleasant, while the autofocus is fast, reliable, and repeatable. The autofocus in videos is also smooth, making the video-making experience a delight. The firm also confirmed that the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini have the same camera module, so you get the same camera quality even if you go for the smaller iPhone, which is Rs 10,000 less. DxOMark recently gave the iPhone 13 mini a higher rank than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, too.

But despite all the praise, DxOMark has a gripe. That is the lack of a telephoto lens, which caps the cameras’ capability to go far when zoomed-in medium to long-range. The iPhone 13 has an optical zoom of 2X and digital zoom up to 5X, which is not on par with other phones for the same price. And that is why DxOMark has given it a zoom score of only 55 points. Another thing that DxOMark said could have been better is the videos in low light. The videos shot in low light have noise, which is not ideal for some users. Some high-contrast scenes are not well received by the sensors, either.

In the global smartphone ranking, the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini took the tenth spot, tied with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But this is just a way of knowing exactly how good the cameras on the new iPhone are. You should keep in mind that DxOMark’s methods of conducting these tests and their reliability are questionable because there is no particular way to test a camera’s quality and assign it a score, especially when there is no fixed scale for these scores. There are phones that have a score of over 100, so who knows what is the maximum limit here?

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