Google’s current flagship smartphone, the Pixel 6, was released barely two months after Apple’s iPhone 13 series. Despite being hailed as a major Android rival to the iPhone, the Pixel 6 has a far lower depreciation rate.

Mobile marketplace and price comparison site SellCell has found that the Apple iPhone 13 range is holding its value better than the latest Pixels. Based on data from more than 45 buyback vendors, the Pixel 6 range lost an average of nearly 43 percent of its value within a month of launch. In contrast, the iPhone 13 line had depreciated by around 25 percent in the first month of release.

After three months, the iPhones show depreciation of between 22.4% and 28.9% of their value (or 21.8% on average) while a month after their launch, the Pixel 6 records a loss average of 42.6%, twice as much as the iPhone in three times the time.

Overall, iPhone models have the lowest depreciation rate in the smartphone industry. However, it might be too early to make any concrete conclusions since the Google Pixel 6 series is still comparatively young in the market.

Last month, it was reported that the iPhone 13 models were holding their value much better than any previous iPhone in the period after launch. Going into December, the iPhone 13 has shown continued buoyancy with the lowest depreciation rate in the entire smartphone industry. That being said, the Pixel 6 is still early in its release and the coming months will present a clearer picture of the depreciation contrast between it and the iPhone 13.

Here are the main highlights of the report by SellCell:

  • Apple’s iPhone 13 enjoys continued buoyancy in terms of valuation; recovering yet more of its initial depreciation in months two and three. At an average of 21.8%, this is still the most successful launch an iPhone has seen and represents tremendously low depreciation across the entire smartphone industry.
  • During months two and three, the depreciation value of the iPhone 13 didn’t increase at all, in fact, it decreased from 25.5% in month two, to 21.8% in month three, a recovery of 3.7%, meaning the iPhone 13’s value went up, not down.
  • Every iPhone 13 model has seen a recovery in value compared to the initial depreciation at launch, and all iPhone 13 models are now worth more than they were 2 months ago.
  • The cheapest of Google’s new handsets, the Pixel 6 128 GB, lost the least value of all Google’s new handset range, with only 36.6% depreciation. By comparison, the least expensive iPhone 13 Mini 128 GB lost 26.9%.


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