• Some users are receiving iPhone storage almost full message pop-up after updating to iOS 15.
  • Some users are also reporting that the device onboard storage, in some cases, show more available storage than the overall storage.
  • Apple is yet to acknowledge the issue.

Just days after iOS 15 started rolling out to compatible iPhones starting with iPhone 6s and above, a new bug has been reported by some users. Apple’s Support handle on Twitter has plenty of tweets tagging and complaining about the incorrect “iPhone storage almost full” bug. Apple hasn’t acknowledged the issue so far, but we expect to hear something from the company soon as the sea of users who upgraded to iOS 15 and now see the incorrect message is increasing.

The iOS 15 update started rolling out to compatible iPhones this Monday, and initial adoption data hints that the new iOS update isn’t something iPhone users are installing immediately compared to the iOS 14 update. Regardless, the new bug is now being reported by iPhone as well as iPad users, who can also be seen tagging the Apple Store Twitter handle and reporting about the latest bug.

A user on Twitter wrote, “@AppleSupport updated my phone, and now under settings, it says phone storage almost full. I got to click on it, and nothing happens. So I’m stuck with the badge.”

Another user wrote in a tweet, “Can’t get rid of a notification on my iPhone which is saying “iPhone storage almost full” after updating to iOS 15. I have 50GB free? #iOS15 @AppleSupport.”

For now, Apple is sending a generic response to most users where it says, “Hi there! Thank you for reaching out. We’re more than happy to look into this with you. Please join us in DM…”

One of the biggest annoying things about the storage notification in Settings is that you cannot dismiss it, which means it would always appear at the top of the Settings toggle. The full storage bug in iOS 15 pops up the “iPhone storage almost full” message on top, regardless of how much storage a user has on the device. A user who posted the same message on Twitter claimed that he had almost 50GB of free storage on his device. The issue has now also been reported on Apple Support’s Community Forums.

Notably, some users are also facing an issue where the device is showing available storage on the device more than the overall storage, which is also due to a bug but not sure at the moment whether it is linked to the same one that’s bothering the majority of users who upgraded to iOS 15. The over storage estimate has been reported by fewer people on Twitter so far.

Apple, at the moment, is suggesting users restart their iPhones. However, the users are reporting that restarting the device doesn’t fix the storage bug.

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