The iPhone 13 launch is done and dusted, so the rumours now talk about what is next from Apple. There is the iPhone 14, but before that, there may be the iPhone SE 3, which will be the sequel to last year’s iPhone SE 2020. Nearly every report and every rumour have said the iPhone SE 3 will arrive sometime around March next year. However, a new report claims that the iPhone SE 3 is delayed, and instead of this model, Apple may launch the iPhone SE Plus next year.

Display analyst Ross Young said on Twitter that the iPhone SE model with an LCD will be called the iPhone SE Plus. It will have the same 4.7-inch screen as iPhone SE 2020 and the iPhone 8, but it will have 5G connectivity, thanks to the use of the A15 Bionic processor. The iPhone SE 3, on the other hand, is poised to feature a display of 5.7-inch to 6.1-inch size. The speculation is that the iPhone SE 3 will look similar to the iPhone XR and have an LCD, too. But Young said the iPhone SE 3 may now arrive sometime in 2023.

There is no reason to cite the delay right now, but there have been previous rumours pointing out that Apple might stick to the 4.7-inch LCD for its next iPhone SE model. If what Young has claimed is true, there may not be a third sequel to the iPhone SE yet. The iPhone SE Plus sounds like an incremental update, but the word “Plus” does not really justify the display size. What it could refer to is 5G connectivity, but I am not so sure right now because Plus, in Apple’s terminology, means a bigger display.

With 5G in mind, the iPhone SE Plus could be Apple’s cheapest 5G phone on the market as and when it arrives. But rumours are against any other significant upgrade to what the existing iPhone SE 2020 brings. That means that there may not be more camera sensors or a bigger battery on the iPhone SE Plus. The only substantial upgrade is going to be the new A15 Bionic processor that will put the iPhone SE Plus against the iPhone 13 as far as performance is concerned.

As for the iPhone SE 3, Apple may still have plans, but this device is not coming anytime soon, according to Young. In addition to having a body like the iPhone XR, the iPhone SE 3 may feature a punch-hole display. There may also be a Touch ID button instead of Face ID on the iPhone SE 3. But the bigger question is when Apple will launch the iPhone SE 3.


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