The Cupertino based tech giant Apple announces the availability of Self Service Repair, but only in the United States for now. The program allows users to repair their damaged iPhone at the comfort of their home. Under the program, the company provides repair manuals and genuine parts and tools through the Apple Self Service Repair Store. The service, for now, is currently available for iPhones only.

The Apple Self Service Repair is available only in the United States. However, the company has confirmed that the program will expand to additional countries, beginning with Europe later this year. Since India is an important market for the company, it is possible that the service will be launched very soon in the country.

The new online Apple store offers more than 200 individual parts and tools to help customers repair screen, battery and camera of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups and iPhone SE (3rd generation). The company also announces to include manuals, parts, and tools to perform repairs on Mac computers with Apple silicon by later this year.

How to repair damaged iPhone at home

To repair Apple products, customers will first need to review the repair manual for the product they want to repair on They will then need to visit the Apple Self Service Repair Store and order the necessary parts and tools. The tool kit includes — torque drivers, repair trays, display and battery presses, and more. Customers who do not wish to purchase these tools and also rent them at $49, which is around Rs 3700, for a week.

The company assures that the repair parts are the same ones, at the same price, as available on Apple’s network of authorized repair providers. Apple says that for certain repairs, customers will also receive a credit when returning a replaced part for recycling.

There are customers who do not have experience repairing electronic devices, they still get the option to visit the nearest Apple store. It is always advised to not take expensive electronic products to third party repair shops since they often replace original parts with fake ones.

Since India is a crucial market for Apple, we do expect the company to launch the repair service in the country very soon.


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