• Apple’s iOS 15 is not seeing a good response from iPhone users.
  • A rough install base of iOS 15 is way too less than that of last year’s iOS 14.
  • Apple has yet to announce the official iOS 15 adoption information.

Apple rolled out iOS 15 earlier this week to a wide range of iPhones, but it seems people are not very interested in the new software version. According to a new report, the adoption of iOS 15 is breaking away from the past trends when Apple saw record installation numbers for its new iOS versions. As of Wednesday — which is the second day since the release, the install base stood at just 8.5 per cent, which is dramatically lower than the 14.5 per cent installation of iOS 14 on the second day last year.

Mixpanel, the analytics company, has shared the insights of iOS 15 adoptions for two days since the rollout. But since this data is based on visits to websites and information from apps that use the company’s mobile analytics SDKs, it is not the official data. However, it does give a rough idea of how Apple’s latest iOS 15 is faring among iPhone users because the comparison statistics are based on Mixpanel’s last year’s data. The two-day adoption percentages have a huge difference, and that shows that people this time are not as excited about the new iOS version as they were last year.

Apple has yet to share the adoption rate of iOS 15. And there is still time for Apple to make that data official, and if iOS 15 is really behind last year’s iOS 14 in terms of adoption, it is very unlikely we will ever see the official numbers. Apple reported adoption of 85 per cent for iOS 14 back in June.

One of the reasons why some people are not feeling motivated enough to upgrade is the new feature for iOS 14. Earlier this year, Apple announced that iPhone users who are on iOS 14 will have the option to get security updates without having to upgrade to iOS 15 after the rollout. This — along with some other issues that people think they may face with the new iOS version — could be the reason behind the lack of excitement of some iPhone users for the all-new iOS 15.

iOS 15 is not a big upgrade over last year’s iOS 14 because most things and features remain the same. But that does not mean there is nothing new in the new iOS version. There is a new Focus Mode that lets users decide what apps should bug them with notifications at any given time. Then, there is a Notification Summary feature that summarises notifications from preferred apps and presents them at certain times. There is a Live Translate feature that can translate supported languages into the one you prefer. There are also many privacy and security enhancements in the new iOS version.//

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