A Japanese housing development company, ‘Ichijo Komuten’, has invented a floating house which the company claims will help to solve the problems of flood-prone countries.

The house’s structure is unique because it is waterproof, the company said, adding that as soon as the level of water increases, the house starts floating.

In an interview with a US television channel, the company said, “The house looks like a normal house, but when the water started filling up around it, the house slowly started leaving the ground and rising upwards.”

The company also demonstrated the floating house for the general public, News18 reported.

Meanwhile, the company said, “The house is connected by thick iron rods. It is connected to the ground by thick cables, which release the house upwards when floods occur and affix it back to the ground as soon as the flood is over. As the water gets less the house touches the ground. Electric things have been installed upwards, so that water does not reach there. The house can float at a height of up to 5 meters.”

Japan has long been conditioned to prepare for earthquakes, but it also experiences heavy flooding caused by torrential rains and typhoons, which leads to destruction and loss of lives.

On the other hand, Assam has also witnessed one of the most devastating floods this year, with the death toll due to floods and landslides now going up to 139 across the state. The catastrophe first hit the state on April 6 this year.

Cachar is the worst-hit district with over 8.62 lakh people suffering, followed by Barpeta where nearly 5.73 lakh people are reeling and over 5.16 lakh people being hit in Nagaon. Meanwhile, thousands of flood-affected victims in Silchar town continued to remain in distress for the ninth consecutive day on Tuesday with acute scarcity of drinking water, lack of relief material and without electricity supply. Most of the areas in the town of the Southern Assam district continue to remain submerged under waist to knee-deep water.


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