JR West Japan and Adventure World has team up to launch their new design of train from July 23, 2020. the speciality of design is that it is in the form of cute little panda made up with the consideration of the theme SDG (Sustainable development goals) . “Panda Kuroshio” (Panda Black & White) train was created by two companies to provide comfort to the riders and in a secured way and to put up smile on all faces those who came across this panda train on their journey.

The train Pandea Kuroshio has a very pleasant design in it’s front view with lovely sweet panda which has it’s small child panda in his head was most attracting and special about the design . The design also features different colors and designs on each carriage, ranging from green for health  and security to red for gender equality.

The JR West collaborated with Adventure World , by designing only with panda as main theme will be a perfect match as Adventure World in Wakayama has around 1,400 animals in their park, with 140 different species. they have already been succeeded in breeding various rare animals such as Giant Pandas and saving other species of animals in their park as ultimate aim.

Train type consists of 287 series 1 formation (6-car) *No Green Car or Women-Only Seating and the lines were from Kyoto station (Tokaido Main Line) to Shingu Station (Kise Main Line) via Shin-Osaka/Tennoji/Wakayama.

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