Latest News From ANI Union Health Minister JP Nadda today when he was addressing to media He Said she is “out of danger but needs ICU facilities”. He added that a Special team of doctors from New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has left for Chennai to work with the team attending to the 68-year-old leader.

Union Health Minister JP Nadda told ANI that they are in regular touch with the TamilNadu Government and Apollo Hospitals, and have also sent a team from Delhi AIIMS to Chennai”.

We have sent a team of specialists from AIIMS Dr Khilani, Dr Trikha, Dr Narang and Dr Talwar. We hope that doctors from AIIMS and Apollo will be able to help in her recovery.  Whatever medical facility is required, we are ready to provide. We hope she gets well at the earliest. We pray to God that she regains her health,” Nadda said

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