Reliance Jio may be working on its first smart television and tablet. The telecom company, which recently launched the entry-level Android phone called Jio Phone Next, is planning to expand its product portfolio with more affordable devices. Jio is likely to target the entry-level segment in both the TV and tablet markets in India, which means it is going to rival brands such as Redmi, Realme, Motorola, and Nokia that sell both TVs and tablets at aggressive prices.

Per a report by 91Mobiles, Reliance Jio is planning to launch the tablet and the TV sometime next year, although a specific timeline is not clear. It is possible that Reliance Jio will make an announcement about the upcoming products at its next annual general meeting. In the past, Reliance’s AGM is where the company’s new products, such as Jio Phone Next, have broken the cover.

Jio’s first television does not have an official name yet, but the speculation is that it will be called Jio TV. It will reportedly come with smart features such as preloaded OTT apps. It is not immediately clear whether or not this TV will be based on Android TV or Google TV, but there is definitely going to be some fork of Android. Reliance Jio is already working with Google for PragatiOS, which is a customised version of Android that powers the Jio Phone Next. The report mentioned that Jio’s first television may come as a part of the bundle of Jio Fiber connection, which already includes the set-top box service for subscribers.

The Jio tablet, on the other hand, is likely to use PragatiOS software. Reliance Jio may be looking to expand the software’s implementation to devices beyond smartphones, but that will require some tweaking, considering the display sizes and use cases differ. Since PragatiOS is a joint effort between Jio and Google, the tablet will come with the Google Play Store, which means all the apps customised for tablets will be available for download. The Jio tablet may use an entry-level Qualcomm processor, according to the report. Other features such as the camera and display are not known at the moment.

The main takeaway from the new development is that Jio is strengthening its collaboration with Google through upcoming products. Google has set eyes on India’s untapped customer base that wants low-end products and Jio is how it will reach out to them. After the Jio Phone Next, the Jio tablet and Jio television will definitely shake up the market, especially if the company decides to bundle them with its existing services. Complimentary access to Jio’s services, such as Jio TV and Jio Books, will increase the adoption of the upcoming products.


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