Telecom giant Jio on Monday issued a warning against e-KYC and other scams that could compromise a customer’s information. In an email to its customers. Jio highlighted that fraudsters and impostors could act as Jio representatives to get crucial information like Aadhar details, bank account details among others. Jio further warned customers from calling on a shared number or clicking on unsolicited links. The telco emphasised that it does not ask customers to download third-party applications as relevant information can be found in the MyJio app.

“For us at Jio, your security is always of utmost importance. In the recent past, few cases related to Cyber fraud have been reported to us, in which, imposters portray themselves as Jio representatives and insist on getting the information related to your Aadhaar, bank accounts, OTP etc. mainly on the pretext of pending eKYC (Know Your Customer),” Jio said in an email notification to its customers.

Jio noted that customers should not click on suspicious links, attachments as this could lead to fraudsters getting access to the user’s phone information. Telecom users often receive messages asking for KYC verification failing which the message says the users will lose access to their number in 24 hours. These messages also send a number saying that it belongs to customer care and that users should call them. Users can easily spot the scam messages as they will have spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, even the company name will not be spelled correctly.

“Usually a call back number is also mentioned to share the details. When the customer calls on the given number, he/she is asked to install a third-party app which allows imposters to take remote access to customer’s phone and the bank accounts associated with the device,” Jio explained.

Earlier in October, Airtel had noted that a cyber-fraudster posed as an Airtel executive and called up an Airtel customer on the pretext of updating his Know Your Customer (KYC) form. After tricking him into revealing his bank details, the fraudster transferred a large sum of money from his bank account. Even though Airtel and other telecom companies have previously warned users about this fraud, some gullible customers fall prey to the scams.


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