Talk of tragic affairs in Bollywood and Kabir Bedi, Parveen Babi’s name deserves a prominent mention. While Kabir had a different fan base for how handsome he was, people swooned over Parveen Babi for her beauty. The veteran actress led a controversial life and on January 20, 2005, was found dead at her Juhu apartment.

A lot was said and done about Kabir Bedi and Parveen Babi’s affair. But earlier this year, Kabir Bedi published his autobiography titled Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Life of an Actor, wherein he revealed many startling facts about his life and also, the period of his romance with Babi.

In the book, Kabir Bedi mentioned that though Parveen had her fair share of linkup rumours in the industry, she didn’t get married. Tragically, the actress passed away and one of her legs was rotten due to gangrene, wrote Bedi in his book. But all that stayed was a wheelchair placed by her bed.

“Her body was found in her Juhu flat four days after she died, a leg rotted by gangrene, a wheelchair by her bed. A lonely and tragic end of a star who had once been the fantasy of millions. Three men who had known and loved her – Mahesh, Danny and I – came for her funeral at the Muslim cemetery in Juhu. It was a solemn burial with Islamic rites and chants. We carried her body with relatives to a dimly lit grave. I felt for all she had suffered with a sorrow that came from my depths,” Kabir Bedi had written in the book.

Kabir Bedi reveals Parveen Babi's leg was rotted by gangrene

As per reports, the postmortem result says there was no trace of food in her system, but the presence of a slight amount of alcohol. Police officials were alerted after milk and newspapers kept piling outside of her door but Parveen had already passed by then.

The era was even more conservative back then but Parveen would squash all taboos and make her own rules. Kabir Bedi wrote in his book that Parveen would openly live in with Danny Denzongpa, wear jeans and smoke in public. “But morally, she was a conservative Gujarati girl. While the rest of the Juhu gang talked about the ‘free sex’ preaching of Guru Osho, she believed in sexual fidelity. It’s what I was looking for when I fell in love with her,” he further mentioned in his book.

Kabir Bedi was already married to Protima Bedi when he fell for Parveen Babi.



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