Awoman died by suicide after hearing about the death of her lover. Later, it emerged that the suicide story was a plot by her lover and his friend to convince the woman’s parents to agree to their relationship.

A Times of India report said Sakkama and Arun were in a relationship but could not convince her family to agree to the same. Arun asked his friend Gopal to call Sakkama’s brother-in-law and introduce himself as a policeman to inform them about the manufactured story of suicide.

Gopal told Sakkama’s brother-in-law, identified as Prajwal, that Arun had attempted to take his life and was in the hospital. He then asked Prajwal to arrange Arun and Sakkama’s wedding or else he would press criminal charges against the woman’s family.

The plot went wrong when Prajwal asked Sakkama to come to a police station and informed her about Arun’s suicide attempt.

Sakkama reportedly ended her life after hearing about Arun’s suicide. She wrote a suicide note mentioning their relation and the opposition she faced from her family.

Sakkama’s family has registered a case against Arun and Gopal for impersonation in making the phone call and spreading fake suicide story that pushed her to end her life. Further investigation is underway.


India today

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