Heavy  downpour  in Kerala has lead to many paddy fields being submerged . The images of landslides and flooded rivers are going viral in the social media. In Chalakuddy river in Thrissur district , an elephant that got caught in the strong currents and trying hard for it’s survival has  shocked the onlookers.  In the video the elephant is submerged in the fast flowing water for a while . Amid the non stopping rains the elephant has struggled for three hours in that rain to enter a safer spot near a couple of trees, according to an IE Malayalam report. The Parambikulam dam was opened on Tuesday morning and the elephant got swayed away in it. When people spotted the huge animal all that people could do was to stand on the river banks and watch it’s movement helplessly. The jumbo animal later used it’s trunk  and   finally managed to wade itself to safety and re-entered the forest. Since Monday 12 people have lost their lives due to various rain related incidents. 10 districts in Kerala have got red alert. Orange alert has been issued for the rest of the four districts. Till August 4 many districts have been issued red alerts.


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