Padma, the mother of Nalini, who was convicted for the assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, has reacted to the Centre’s review petition regarding the Supreme Court’s order to release the six convicts in the case. She stated that they should breathe fresh air and argued that the six convicts who were recently released would not create trouble and lead peaceful lives.

In an exclusive interview with India Today, Padma said, “Please let them breathe some fresh air, see the sun and moon. We are here on this planet only for a very short time. So give them this short time and whatever is left in their life to be free.”

“Of 26 people who were taken into custody, 19 people were released, and these people have been living without causing any issues peacefully. Now, on a humanitarian basis, thinking of these people as your own relations, we request that they be set free. Please let them breathe. I assure you that they will lead a peaceful life ahead,” said Nalini’s mother, Padma.

Initially, 26 people were named as accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. Later, 19 of them were set free and seven were convicted. Nalini’s mother was referring to the 26 accused, including herself. All 26 were in jail during the initial investigation.

Seven of them were found guilty and were convicted. All others were set free.

The Centre, on Thursday, said that the SC order was “legally flawed” and has sought permission from the court to argue against the release of six convicts: Murugan, Santhan, Robert Payas, Nalini and Jayakumar. The SC ordered the release of these six convicts earlier this week.


India today