I constantly see people struggle with this.

Many people get stuck in an unhealthy loop of highly charged EMOTIONS tied to their pasts, and when they do, it keeps them from living happy lives now.

To break free, FORGIVE YOURSELF if you’ve laid blame on the person in the mirror. Guilt is a horrible sentence to impose on yourself. Yet, we do it all the time.

And as soon as you can, reframe your past in the form of a LESSON and ask what you LEARNED. There is always VALUE and HEALING in understanding what happened.

When you do these things, you’re well on your way to releasing yourself from the chains that bind you and giving yourself the FREEDOM to move forward.

Have Great Attitude.
Fail on something New every day
Passion creates Perfectionism.

All Greatness within YOU.


BeRoyal #DoBig #StayHungry

மனப்பூர்வமான முயற்சிகள் மகத்தான வெற்றியை தராமல் போனதாக சரித்திரம் இல்லை.

தகுதி என்பது தரமான தோல்வியின் கலவையில் உறுதி பெறுவதே.

பந்திக்கு பலபேர்!! பக்குவமாய் சமைப்பதற்கு சிலரால் மட்டுமே முடியும்!!


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