LG has unveiled a new pair of earbuds in the market. The LG Tone Free FP earbuds are the company’s new addition to its list of audio products. They are no ordinary earbuds. The LG Tone Free FP earbuds come with UV nanotechnology, which uses ultraviolet lights to sanitize the earbuds. The company claims that it kills 99 percent of bacteria in just five minutes. It however does not mention how effectively the coronavirus is eliminated from the earbuds. Apart from that, it comes with Meridian technology HSP, the earbuds stimulate the experience of listening to real loudspeakers with clear and spatial sound.

Talking about new earbuds, Hak Hyun Kim, Director- Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India, said, “After receiving a very inspiring response from our consumers to the LG ToneFree Series, we are delighted to introduce the latest range of earbuds in the series. We have listened to the needs of our consumers carefully and developed these products. The new model of LG ToneFree earbuds has been upgraded with innovative features with the unique UV Nano and Meridian Technology. We are confident these earbuds will be the perfect solution for audiophiles looking for a combination of hygiene and quality and the very best that audio technology has to offer.”

LG Tone Free FP earbuds: Price and availability

LG Tone Free FP earbuds have been launched at a price of Rs 13,990. The earbuds will be available in Charcoal Black and Pearl White color option. The earbuds will be available for purchase in leading e-commerce platforms, the official website of LG, and some retail stores. However, LG has not announced the sale date of the new earbuds.

LG Tone Free FP earbuds: Specifications

The highlight of the LG Tone Free FP earbuds is that they come with UV technology. No earbuds have used this technology in India before. The earbuds are equipped with a UVnano charging cradle with ultraviolet light that sanitizes the earbuds, kills 99.9 percent of bacteria. It can kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Klebsiella pneumonia bacteria on the speaker mesh of the earbuds in 5 minutes while charging. There is no information on whether the earbuds are effective against coronavirus as well.

The new earbuds feature technology from Meridian Audio, the renowned British audio technology company and LG’spartner in delivering superior sound. It uses the technology that is found in high-end speaker systems. The companies have reengineered them to fit the earbuds. The Meridian audio technology brings Headphone Spatial Processing to TONE Free earbuds.

LG TONE Free FPearbuds come with Medical Grade Silicone Ear Gel in 3 different sizes which offer a snug fit. The ear gels are hypoallergenic and reduce skin irritation. Apart from that, the earbuds come with active noise cancellation, 3D Sound Stage which provides an immersive experience for the users while watching a movie, TV show, or while playing a game.

Along with the active noise cancellation, the LG ToneFree earbuds feature the Whispering Mode. Users can remove the right earbuds and use them as a microphone. To activate the feature, consumers can download and connect with the Tone Free app from Google or Apple Play Store and select the Whisper Mode.


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