Accounting the frequent increase in spread of corona virus in India, ministries of Home Affairs has now ordered that lock down is to be extended till June 30 in containment zones all over India, with slight relaxation in phase by phase. people should not roam around in the time period 9.00 PM TO 5.00 AM.

In which phase 1, contain certain amenities like Religious places, Places of worship for public , Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitality Services and Shopping malls to permitted to open in containment free zones from June 8 with further confirmation regarding these services.

In Phase 2: Based on the feed back with the state Governments, UT Administrations, and consulting of institutions with parents and other stakeholders, decision and the re-opening date of schools, colleges, educational/ Training institutions etc, will be decided in the month of June.

In Phase 3:

Depending upon the situation , international air travel of passengers, except as permitted by MHA.

Metro rail.

Cinema halls, Gyms, Swimming pools, Entertainment parks, Theater, bars ,auditorium and assembly halls

Socilal/political/ sports/ entertainment / cultural / religious functions and other large congregations .

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