CORONA virus had made a huge impact with lose of many lives as well as the loss of each country’s economy , to bring back the economy balance India is easing the lockdown restrictions step by step from the beginning of lockdown. Now the lockdown may have extended for another month but there are more ease of restrictions made in this lockdown in Tamil Nadu, such as,

From September 1, E-pass requirement to travel within districts ought to be cancelled and the E-pass is mandatory for the travel between different states and country as earlier.

All the shops and centers accounts an extra hour with the previous restrictions that they allowed to be opened from to in night, which also adds up Shopping malls and biggest stores and showrooms .

Hotels, lodge and room stays are allowed in this lock down ,as well as restaurants are also open to work in this Unlock 4.0. amusement parks are also permitted to open for public following safety measures .

Chennai corporation local buses will be working from Sept 1 with 50% of the seats filled and metro trains will also be resumed in Chennai.

Cinema,film and TV serials shooting are allowed to work within 75-100 member following a social distancing, wearing masks and proper safety measures. Congregations and Gatherings are also allowed to take place up to 100 members.

All worship centers,temples are opened for the public presence and visit in this lockdown that too with proper safety measures to be followed.

Sports centers and grounds will be resumed and can train and conduct training but to be held without any visitors or audiences.

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