Due to the elevation in the international market for LPG , the Delhi market rate for LPG will be increased by 11.50 per cylinder from June 1 onward. Indian oil said in statements.

The non subsidised LPG gas rate will increased by 11.50 per cylinder in capital delhi, 31.50 in Kolkata, 11.50 in mumbai and 37.00 in Chennai as thoer retail selling price in respected states shown above.

INDIAN OIL , one of the largest retailer and seller of LPG with the brand INDANE released the the revised date of selling price of non-subsidised LPG of (14.2 kg) from June 1 are as follows

States New price Existing price

Delhi 593.00 581.50
Kolkata 616.00 584.50
Mumbai 590.50 579
Chennai 606.50 569.50


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