PM Narendra Modi’s visit at Lakshadweep  has received objectionable  remarks  by Maldivian Ministers .  So Ibrahim Shahieb  the Maldives High Commissioner has been summoned by India.  As per News Agency PTI for Ibrahim Shahieb ‘s  derogatory remarks  he has been conveyed strong concern.  Maldives distanced itself from it’s Ministers .  Later it was told that it was only a personal view and did not represent Male. PM Modi has  gained support from many celebrities like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khhan, Hardik Pandya and others for promoting Lakshadweep tourism. Some Indians have cancelled Maldives trip as the controversy came to the fore..The Minister’s remark has received a backlash from former Presidents Mohamed Nasheed and Mohamed Solih. They said the age-old friendship between two nations should not be disturbed with such remarks.


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