The protesters were involved in looting Buisness amid of protest after the death of George floyd by white police officer pinning him down to death.
this has now been transformed as an sensible issue and situation is totally out of control in cities of US, one side US have successfully launched spacex crew dragon to International space station, but on the other side worst part of riots taking place as protest of Justice for george floyd’s death.

This man has defended the dallas to loot shops, and rioters got angry and smash him with skateboards and small stones Brutally for resisting them to loot, this is incidence is too wild from the protesters. its like a panic situation remaining for past five days, hundreds of police officers in US were joined together and trying to control the situation to back to normal.
Police make nearly 1,400 arrests in 17 U.S. cities since Thursday. Downtown Seattle shops ransacked.
Trump commends National Guard troops in Minneapolis.


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