Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a veiled attack on the Congress, especially senior leader Rahul Gandhi, stating that people’s intellect is revealed by their speech.

PM Modi was participating in the ‘Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address’ in Lok Sabha on Wednesday.

Beginning his speech at the Lok Sabha, PM Modi first thanked the President of India and said that she guided us and the people of the country in her visionary speech.

Responding to the allegations raised by the Opposition in the Parliament over the past few days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, without taking names, said “People’s intellect is revealed by their speech. After a speech made yesterday, an entire ecosystem was activated. They were so happy, maybe they slept well and couldn’t wake up (on time).”

Incidentally, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who led a belligerent Opposition attack on the government in Parliament on Tuesday, was absent at the time PM Modi made this comment. Rahul Gandhi later arrived in Lok Sabha as PM Narendra Modi’s speech was underway.

“For them it has been said, ‘Ye keh keh ke hum dil ko behla rahe hain,wo ab chal chuke hain, wo ab aa rahe hain’,” the PM added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s response comes a day after Rahul Gandhi questioned the meteoric rise in industrialist Gautam Adani’s fortunes post 2014, linking it with the formation of the NDA government the same year.

PM Modi’s response was an indirect jibe at the Opposition, led by Rahul Gandhi, who cornered the government, largely over the Adani Group stock rout and allegations of financial irregularities and market manipulation against the energy-to-port conglomerate.

The Opposition has been demanding an inquiry into the allegations levelled by US-based firm Hindenburg on the Adani Group. The opposition parties have alleged that the meltdown in Adani Group shares is a ‘mega scam’ that involves common people’s money as public sector LIC and SBI have invested in them and have questioned the government on steps taken by it.


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