Facebook’s parent company recently laid off as many as 11,000 employees, and announced several monetary benefits for them. But it seems like the tech company is not giving the promised severance to everyone. Several employees are reportedly complaining about getting lower severance packages rather than what other people are getting after they were sacked.

These employees are a member of Meta’s Sourcer Development Program which “help workers from diverse backgrounds obtain careers in corporate technology recruiting,” CNBC reported. Such programs help non-professional background people obtain apprenticeships at Meta for different types of roles. There were more than 60 workers in this program that were recently fired, as part of the company’s layoff process.

Meta recently announced layoff of thousands of employees and even confirmed that the company would be compensating all the impacted employees. It promised to provide 16 weeks of base severance pay as well as two additional weeks of pay for every year of service. The tech giant also said that Meta would also offer health care assistance by paying for the expenses. This offer is for employees and their families, which will be applicable for six months.

However, the employees told CNBC that the company is only giving 8 weeks of base pay and three months of COBRA insurance. The people also claimed that the tech giant hasn’t given a reason for why they are being given lower packages because they were full-time employees and not contract workers.

The cited source claims that some impacted employees even sent a letter to the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other executives to inform them about the lower severance package while also asking them to resolve the issue.

In a letter, the group wrote, “Even our former managers insisted we were confused and that all the information they were getting was that we were offered 16 weeks of pay and 6 months of health insurance.”

They later added, “Leadership may not have been aware that the last SDP class, which began in April 2022, was repeatedly assured by their leadership that any potential layoff would not impact their current employment but would likely impact the company’s ability to consider them for a full-time role.” The group is yet to receive a response from the tech company.


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