MILMAIn Kerala for providing higher procurement prices to farmers Milma is set to increase the market price of milk.  The price hike has been recommended by an expert committee.  Last week a meeting was held  by the heads of three regional unions of milma and a proposal was resolved to increase the prices.  According to top officials of Milma the Co-Operative body will decide the price hike after discussions with the government.  As per high court order authority to declare price hike has been vested with Milma from 2011.  Various subsidies have been provided to dairy farmers by the government but steep hike in the cattle feed prices last year forced the farmers to insist on a hike in the procurement prices.  Many dairy farmers who do not supply milk to Co-Operative network under Milma are now protesting for a hike in prices.  Milma sells milk at lower rates while others sell at Rs.45 or more per litre.  The domestic production is inadequate and so Milma is getting 3 lakh litres of milk from neighbouring states  to meet the daily supply requirement.

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