Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram has slammed the Ministry of Home Affairs for its refusal to renew the FCRA registration of the Missionaries of Charity over some “adverse inputs”. He said the Modi government was “targeting Christians to advance its majoritarian agenda”.

Nothing can be more shocking than denying future foreign contributions to the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, West Bengal. “This is the greatest insult to the memory of Mother Teresa who devoted her life to caring for the ‘poor and wretched’ of India,” he tweeted.

Chidambaram’s statement came after the Ministry of Home Affairs said that the Missionaries of Charity’s application for renewal of the FCRA registration was refused on December 25 for not meeting eligibility conditions, as some adverse inputs were received.

The non-renewal of FCRA registration means that the donations the missionaries used to receive from abroad to carry on their charitable work will not be permitted to be transferred.

“The MHA claims to have found “some adverse inputs”. The MHA should put to use its Sherlock Holmes-like skills to quell communal violence and terrorist activity, not to suppress Christian charity and humanitarian work,” he added in a series of tweets.

“As the year 2021 ends, it is clear that the Modi government has found another target — Christians — to advance its majoritarian agenda,” he added.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta, then known as Mother Teresa, started the Missionaries of Charity with just about 10 members in October 1950. The Mother and her organisation, which ran orphanages, homes for the dying and lepers, shot into prominence after she won the Ramon Magsasay Peace Prize in 1962 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. This year, it completed 71 years of work in India.


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