Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday accused the Modi government of selling India’s assets. She also alleged that the government was insensitive towards farmers and appealed to the party to honour the farmers who were killed during the protest that has lasted for over a year now.

“Let’s honour the 700 farmers who sacrificed their lives during the protest against the three farm laws. The Modi sarkaar is insensitive towards farmers and common people,” she said at the Congress Congress Parliamentary Party meeting.

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Sonia Gandhi also attacked the government on the issues of price rise and disinvestment of PSUs. She said: “Price rise is burning every family’s monthly budget. Common people are suffering.”

Speaking about the disinvestment of PSUs, Sonia Gandhi said that the Modi government is selling the assets of India. PSUs are being dismantled by the government.”

In February, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said: “The government has no business to be in business,” and announced plans to privatise 100 PSUs.

She further demanded a full-fledged discussion on border issues in Parliament.

On the suspension of the 12 suspended Rajya Sabha MPs, she said the move was “unprecedented and unacceptable”. “The suspension of the 12 Rajya Sabha MPs is wrong and unprecedented; it is unacceptable. We stand in solidarity with the suspended MPs,” she said.


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