One of Kerala’s biggest superstars, Mohanlal, has come out in support of the Prime Minister’s crackdown on black money.

Mohanlal is quoted as having said in his blog post: “I believe that his speech contained elements that proves that he has thoroughly studied the issues faced by the country. I heard our PM say that this was a surgical strike against black money. I am not someone who worships an individual, but I do respect sincere ideas.”

He further added: “We so patiently queue outside liquor outlets, cinema halls and various religious places… if difficulties faced are for something that we love or care for, these no longer pose a problem…that is when sorrow becomes sweet.”

“We stand in queue before liquor outlets, theatres and places of worship without any complaint. I think there is nothing wrong in standing in queue at a bank or ATM for a while for a good cause,” he added.

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