Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia  said on Tuesday that  many who have not taken the precautionary dose of the vaccine are the people who are getting affected  in the recent days. In Delhi hospitals ,90% of the lot admitted are the persons who have not taken  this dose. Over the past three weeks positivity rate is high and Delhi has seen an increase in cases. On Thursday 4775 tests were being conducted  and 917 people were tested positive for the disease.  The positivity rate is 9.12%. Delhi government said about 1.54 crore people have taken the second dose  and only about 23 lakh have taken precautionary dose so far. It is out of the 1.5 crore adults eligible to get vaccinated.  For people  who have taken precautionary dose , the infection rate is lesser for them. Regarding the increase of the rate of the vaccination , Sisodia held a meeting with the Senior officers  of the health department  and district magistrate.

                                        In crowded places such as Metro stations, markets and malls vaccination camps have to be set up.  The district magistrate was directed by Chief Secretary Naresh  Kumar to conduct ground visit and decide location. As per Delhi’s health department  , 588 out of 9,416 beds set aside for covid patients  are occupied at present .  Covid suspected cases have occupied 25 beds.  ICU admissions are 202 in number , in oxygen support it is 205 and 22 people are on ventilator support  of the remaining people. It is 6867 total active cases in Delhi.  “People are showing carelessness, and it has been seen that many are not taking precautionary doses. But the number of patients admitted to hospitals shows that those who have taken precautionary doses are safer. Around 90% of Covid patients admitted to hospitals are those who have taken only two doses of the vaccine…Only 10% of patients got infected after the third dose…Wearing a mask while going out of the house can prevent most cases… An appeal has been made to senior citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” Sisodia said.


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