National Education Policy 2020, NEP 2020 implementation is taking place at various schools and colleges. This year, the government will follow a different approach in farming the National Curriculum. District level inputs would be considered for developing the curriculum.

NEP 2020 Implementation and the development of the national curriculum will not be a top-down exercise this year. The Ministry of Education told the parliamentary standing committee last week that district-level help would be taken to implement the education policy across the country.

State Curriculum Frameworks would be prepared on the basis of themes decided as per the NEP 2020. However, National Curriculum would be based on the State Curriculum Frameworks. As per the guidelines, below mentioned four NCFs are to be developed.

National Curriculum: Four frameworks to be developed

  1. Early childhood care and education
  2. School education
  3. Teacher education
  4. Adult education

Rajya Sabha MP Vinay Prabhakar told TOI that the committee formed for NEP 2020 implementation would submit its report by July end. He also added that the states had been instructed not to make textbooks voluminous for the subjects like history, geography and literature. More information can be obtained on

As per the government’s current plan on NEP 2020 implementation, all the position papers will have two sections. The first section will be standard for all focus groups, while the second section will contain specific features of the position papers. The government has also suggested all the national boards to have one mechanism for carrying out the corrective measures for the effective NEP 2020 implementation.

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