Netflix is rolling out a new button on its app. The streaming giant has introduced a two thumbs up button that would be placed alongside the thumbs down and the thumbs up button. The two thumbs up button can be used by the viewers to express that they really liked a movie or a show that is available on the app. Netflix says that the feature was highly requested.

The new two thumbs up button introduced by Netflix lets the app personalize content as per the user’s taste. For instance, if you like a film or TV show, say The Bold Type on Netflix. The streaming app will show you films by similar star cast or by the same makers. Users had demanded a button that let them super like a show. Netflix’s previous setting allowed users to only like a show, but now with the new two thumbs up button, they can now “love” a show as well.

Talking about the new Thumbs up button, Christine Doig-Carde director of product innovation and personalization experiences at Netflix, told Gadgets360, “We’ve heard from members that it’s very important for them to distinguish between just liked titles from titles that they really loved. And so, we’ve built this feature, tested it, and we’re rolling it out globally. Consider Two Thumbs Up as a way to fine-tune your recommendations. A Thumbs Up still lets us know what you liked, so we use this response to make similar recommendations. But Two Thumbs Up tells us what you loved and helps us get even more specific about your recommendations.”

Christine told the publication that the two thumbs up option goes into the app’s personalisation. “It takes into account what you’ve watched, what you’ve liked, what you disliked, and the Two Thumbs Up is just another input. It knows that that’s going to be a stronger signal than just liking, but there’s no predetermined weight,”she said. Christina also emphasised that users want a clear distinction between what they like, what they hate and what they love. That is how the two thumbs up button came into the picture.

Back in 2017, Netflix ditched the five star rating system and introduced the thumbs up and down menu for users.Netflix vice president of product Todd Yellin stated that the rating system was removed because it feels “very yesterday”.“We’re spending many billions of dollars on the titles we’re producing and licensing, and with these big catalogs, that just adds a challenge.” He added that “bubbling up the stuff people actually want to watch is super important,” he had said.


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