Microsoft had launched a new Xbox app for iOS and Android users to experience the interlink between their gaming communities and deliver a unique purpose. With this app, Users can interact each other with their voice as well as with chat and also can manage notifications in a single interface. they can share clips of their game and screenshots to others through this new app. These activities can also be saved on their phones or can share on social media platforms. This app can be used to set up Xbox and Series S, install games on their devices and manage gaming library. Microsoft will replace console streaming with Xbox remote play in this new app which allows gamers to play games downloaded on their devices or tablets via Xbox remote play feature. This app is available on Google play store for download, the app store version has limited spots available for testing, company said.

The new family settings app for iOS and Android is designed to help and manage children’s gaming on Xbox gaming consoles. “the app is an important next step in our journey to provide families with the tools they need to help create the right balance of gaming in their lives,” Dave McCarthy, VP, Xbox operations wrote in his blog post . this app allows parents to create child accounts and manage their activities. they can access daily or weekly report of their child with insights about their child’s game time on Xbox. this Xbox family settings app is also available for download in App store and google play store.

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