New iPhone device let’s you ‘see what you breathe’

techDo you know what you are breathing? Well, checking air quality is not as easy as checking food ingredients. But wait, there’s some good news for those who are concerned on what they breathe in.

A Kickstarter project called Sprimo Personal Air Monitor can help you see what you breathe. The device is a simple electronic gadget that latches on to your iPhone and a bundled app can inform you about the air quality around you. While most air quality monitors out there help gauge the air around the area and cannot be carried around easily, this new gadget can help you wherever you go. Sprimo Labs has developed a practical and portable alternative called Sprimo Personal Air Monitor that plugs into your iPhone’s Lightning port.

It needs no battery as it draws power from the phone. The app measures temperature, humidity and quality of the surrounding air. The app expresses the air quality in digits and colour giving you quick information about the air quality around you.

The device is presently in development stage and the retail price is expected to be around $40. An Android version is also said to be under development.

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