Former Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu dodged questions over Neymar fraud trial while leaving the courthouse, saying “No comments, we will be back tomorrow”.

Paris St. Germain (PSG) star Neymar landed in Barcelona on Monday for his trial over alleged irregularities in his transfer to Barcelona. The trail focuses on the footballer’s move from Brazilian club Santos to Barcelona way back in 2013.

Just like Bartomeu, former Barcelona President Sandro Rosell remarked: “My lawyer says I cannot talk”. Meanwhile, Barcelona’s defence lawyer Jordi Pina: “I don’t know. It is complicated to organise a trial like this one, with so many people coming from abroad.

“Some people cannot come and it makes it last longer, as there are so many things to debate over. I feel sorry for those coming from abroad,” Pina added.

Neymar rushed to Barcelona hours after scoring a winner in PSG’s victory over Marseille in a Ligue 1 match. Neymar’s parents and former Barcelona presidents also appeared in the court following a complaint brought by Brazilian investment group DIS regarding the amount of Neymar’s transfer.

Neymar left the court after about two hours as he had arrived after playing in the night. He is expected to testify on Tuesday.

The prosecutors charged Neymar and his father with corruption and asked for a prison sentence of up to two years.

The Brazilian investment group asked for a five-year prison sentence for Neymar and his father, a compensation of USD 33.5 million and a fine of USD 192 million to be paid to the Spanish state.

The prosecutors are seeking a fine of USD 9.8 million from Neymar and his father. They are also asking for a five-year prison sentence for Rosell for fraud and corruption charges and a fine of USD 9.8 million.

Neymar’s representatives argued that the crime of corruption between individuals was not punishable in Brazil, where the transactions originally took place according to them.


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