The National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) Mumbai office on Thursday received an email threatening that a person would carry out a terror attack in the financial capital.

The email claimed that a person linked to the Taliban would carry out the attack in Mumbai, as reported by PTI.

Following the threat, the city police and the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) were alerted.

According to the police, the email address used to send the threat message had “CIA” in it and the sender claimed that a person having links with the Taliban would carry out an attack in the city.

The IP (internet protocol) address of the sender has been traced to Pakistan, said a police official.

An investigation into the matter has been launched. However, police suspect it might be a mischief, as such emails were sent to the probe agency earlier as well.

The federal agency got a similar email last month. The police conducted a probe and did not find any substance in it, PTI reported.


India today