HP India Senior Director Vickram Bedi isn’t worried about the PC vs Mobile gaming dynamic. “It’s not exclusive that you only game on mobile or only game on a laptop,” Bedi told, adding that “there are some games that suit themselves very well to the mobile form factor and some games are very well suited to the PC form factor.”

As per the data published in HP India’s ‘Gaming Landscape Report’ 2021, nine in 10 gamers believe that a PC offers a better gaming experience than a smartphone and many are keen to reportedly migrate to PC gaming. The report also mentions that 37 per cent of mobile gamers want to shift to a PC for better gaming experience, and that 54 per cent respondents believe PC gaming has better graphics, technology and processing speed than a smartphone.

Further, 59 per cent respondents revealed that they wanted to migrate to PC gaming for better graphics, while 56 per cent respondents desired better performance. While gaming PCs, laptops and even consoles remain a luxury in many households in India, these have become great buys in the last two years, with demand being fuelled by new gamers, creators, general users who want a powerful machine, in addition to professional gamers. It also helps that PC gaming offers a more polished, performance-oriented and flexible experience, on both desktops and gaming laptops.

According to Bedi, PC gaming remains “more powerful, immersive, more accessory-enabled, and competitive.” He added, that apart from the abundance of titles that you can find on PCs, games that exist in both ecosystems are great examples of the vast difference in experience.

“Sometimes, the same game is ported on both (platforms) and you have different abilities and different expertise levels on the two games,” Bedi explained. For example, many titles like PUBG and Fortnite are available on both platforms, but the PC version is unsurprisingly richer and more immersive. Even in games like Among Us, which is a little more casual, to Call of Duty: Mobile, gaming on smartphones is just getting started while these titles are tried and tested hits on PCs.Read more |Gaming laptop buyers in India rose 2000% in 5 years, but are they all gaming?

Bedi adds that new gamers often come in through mobile and later migrate to ‘more involved’ versions of the games on PC which are not only more powerful, but also allow a lot more flexibility with accessories. These may include everything from controllers to customised multi-monitor setups and accessories tailor-made for gaming. Gaming desktops and many gaming laptops are also upgradeable, allowing them to be more future-proof in the long run.

Plus a number of career options have also come up in gaming sector, not just as a gamer, but also in game design, etc. Bedi added, “All of these things have led to an explosion on the demand side,” referring to gaming laptops and PCs.


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