The cause of death of 70 children from acute kidney injury maybe due to the intake of cough syrup. But Gambia is yet to confirm it. The news Agency Reuters reported this.  The autopsy report of the children who passed away has been published. They suffered from Diarrhoea  and had Escherichia Coli ( Ecoli). An official asked the reason then why they were administered syrup. For four contaminated medicines an alert has been issued by WHO last month. It was linked with acute kidney injuries and 70 deaths among children that’s been identified in Gambia. In late July only it was found  out the increase of the acute kidney injury cases among children under the age of five. As per Reuters ,when cases increased Doctors began to grew suspicious about the medicines involved in this. Maiden Pharmaceuticals Ltd in India has produced these four medicines that are cold and cough syrups. This information was revealed by WHO. A probe has been launched by the Central drugs Standard Control Organisation after the alert. The production unit of Maiden Pharma was inspected by The Haryana state drug officials. They found many errors. Gambian kids death is related to the cough syrup produced by them. An official  at Gambia’s Medicines Control Agency, Mr.Tijan Jallow has issued a statement . He said “We haven’t concluded yet it is the medicine that caused it. A good number of kids died without taking any medications,” He also added “Other kids died. We have tested the medications that they took and they are good,”


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