Nokia Mobile has launched two new feature phones and they bring 4G support


  • Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G come with support for VoLTE calls.
  • The Nokia 110 4G has a rear camera and a torch on the top.
  • The Nokia 105 4G comes with dual-SIM version with 4G support.

Nokia Mobile’s feature phones outperform smartphones in sales every quarter, and that is why HMD has introduced two new feature phones with 4G LTE connectivity. The Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G come in single-SIM and dual-SIM versions, which is a good thing for people to follow their preferences while buying the phones. The Nokia 110 and Nokia 105 originally debuted in 2019 but they did not have 4G support, unlike the new ones that are going to continue to work for many years.

Design-wise, there is not much change to the Nokia 110 and Nokia 105, so the only major change here is the arrival of 4G services. HMD said the new Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G support Voice over LTE, as well, which means you will be able to hear clear and sharp audio over the call with the help of the 4G internet. HMD went for a silent announcement for the Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G, without announcing the prices. The Nokia 110 arrived for $20 and Nokia 105 for $15 back in 2019. Nokia’s feature phones are popular in India, so it is possible that HMD will bring the two phones to India, as well.

Nokia 110 4G, Nokia 105 4G prices

Although HMD did not officially provide the prices, a report by claims the Nokia 110 4G costs EUR 39.90 (roughly Rs 3,600) and the Nokia 105 4G comes at a price of EUR 34.90 (roughly Rs 3,100). The Nokia 110 4G comes in Black, Yellow, and Aqua colours, while the Nokia 105 4G has Black, Blue, and Red colourways.

Nokia 110 4G, Nokia 105 4G specifications

HMD has paid a lot of attention to the design of the Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G, and that includes a slim footprint. The Nokia 110 4G also has a VGA camera on the backside, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom for FM radio and hands-free music playback support. There are several similarities between the Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G, such as the 1.8-inch TFT non-touchscreen display with 120×160 pixel resolution. The phones do not run KaiOS, which means you have the regular feature phone software that brings large icons to offer easy access. There is a Readout Assist feature on the two phones that reads the menu and other texts out loud. These two features kind of imply that the Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G could be suitable for use by seniors.

The Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G go big on music, with support for a 32GB microSD card and MP3 playback through a dedicated app. Of course, there is an FM radio that does not even need earphones to be plugged into the phone. On the top edge of the Nokia 110 4G and the Nokia 105 4G, you have an LED flash that will mostly work as a torch, but it would have been better if it were located right around the rear camera because then, it would have helped with low-light shots and doubled as a torch. The Nokia 110 4G and Nokia 105 4G come with 1020mAh batteries that offer days of standby. There is a MicroUSB charger in the retail box.


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