Sir It is distressing to note that sewage water flowed into the beautiful Marina beach during the recent incessant rains in Chennai and turned the blue waters to a brownish hue.

Not only the Marina, oceans worldwide are constantly under the threat of adulterations and, in fact, have been reduced to ‘rubbish dumps’ with millions of tons of litter ending up in the sea.

According to the United Nations Environmental Program, up to 12.7 metric tons of plastic make their way into the oceans in a year.

We need to serve as educators and ambassadors of a lifestyle in the water. Needless to say that waterways are crucial for the existence of human beings.

Together we must develop a passion for the ocean and have the moral obligation to keep it clean and safe.

Said the renowned Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, “The heart of a man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depth, it has its pearls too.”


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