By October 23 Cyclone Sitrang is likely to be formed over the Bay of Bengal .  A low- pressure area has been formed near the adjoining  regions of the South Andaman Sea and South east Bay of Bengal  typically over the North Andaman Sea. Before forming into a storm over the Bay of Bengal, the cyclonic circulation will concentrate into a depression in another two days .  Before reaching this point it would move west – north westwards and cyclonic circulation will extend upto 7.6 km above the sealevel. Indian Meteorological department wrote on Wednesday in twitter ,” A cyclonic circulation lies over north Andaman Sea and neighbourhood persisting over the same region since yesterday (18th October), and now it is extending upto mid tropospheric levels at 0830 hours IST of today, the 19th October 2022”. The depression may turn into a storm said the IMD director-general Mrutunjay Mohapatra but no path’s forecast is available and the intensity of the system is also not known.  An alert has been given to many coastal districts . Due to the forecast from October 23 to the next two days the The Odisha government has also cancelled the leaves of its employees .


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