An 80 year old man was tied on to the bed as he failed to make payment of fees for his treatment in hospital , located in Madhyapradesh. however hospital claims that , old man was having convulsions, that’s the reason for his hands and legs got tied.

Chief minister Shivraj Singh choulan has taken this concern and promised to take action against shajapur-based hospital. the old man’s family alleged that hospital management tied his legs and hands after he failed to pay the treatment fee=of Rs.11,000.

old man’s daughter said that they paid initial amount of Rs.5000 during admission, since it took few more days in hospital ,we did not have money to pay for fee “. on the other hand hospital administration has said ” he had convulsions because of electrolyte imbalance, so we tied him to make sure his safety “.

The Shajapur district administration ordered an inquiry to this matter after taking note of both sides situation.

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