On Tuesday in  Michigan State University (MSU) campus many were wounded and even a person was killed.  As per the Detroit news one fatality was confirmed in the campus.  Police officers rushed to the spot where the firing was opened up.  Videos of them at the Berkey hall and at the athletic facility is going viral. The suspect is being searched and the MSU police has issued a shelter-in-place –orders because of the firing. MSU Police tweeted, “MSU ALERT: There have been shots fired near Berkey Hall on the East Lansing campus. Please secure-in-place immediately. Police are active on scene. More information to follow.” For the next 48 hours no activity of any type will take place in the campus. A board has been written as “Don’t come tomorrow”.  “All campus activities are canceled for 48 hours, including athletics, classes, and all campus-related activities. Please DO NOT come to campus tomorrow,” another tweet read. Operations are going on to nab the suspect.


ctn author