The review of the most stylish and newly launched mobile : Oneplus Nord, coming in  the price range of 320 $ to 400 $ based on different variants. One plus nord comes with RAM options of 6,8,12 GB and maximum 256 GB internal storage. It has inserted with Snapdragon 765G chipset with octa-core processor that tells a lot about its smooth functioning. Exiting review video of True sight unveiled minute details of one plus Nord is here.


its unboxing is so cool , the packaging is very aesthetically done and the box looks very stylish and cool. You will get to see pretty secure silicon case, 30 W super-fast charger, USB type C 2.0  with sim deductor tool, One plus Nord sticker, and few instructions notes. There is no headphone jack, music lovers might miss this badly.

Design and display:

Coming to its body, It is of plastic rather than metal but it yet gives a glossy look, the buttons are of metals and the screen is covered with hard gorilla glass 5 which will protect your mobile from any damage. The display on the phone is a 6.44-inch amoLED panel running at a refresh rate of 90Hz. It is rated to provide 408ppi pixel density and 20:9 aspect ratio.

In view of the front section, it has dual camera of 32 MP (wide main camera) & 8MP which is Ultra-wide lens that we ll see pics later in video. To its bottom section, it has one speaker, usb port and headphone jack is missing as I have mentioned earlier and there is no stereo speaker as given in Oneplus 8.


On back, you can see the quad camera of powerful 48, 8, 5, 2 MP  placed vertically to its left side which really is unique arrangement that have seen very first time in oneplus mobile. More importantly as a mid-range phone this has Optical Image Stabilisation that means it enhance your image by decreasing blurriness, which is very useful value addition feature to a camera which no other mid-range phone brand has. On front it has, 32 & 8 MP camera, which I have mentioned earlier.

Camera quality is really good and premium but only lag is with macro lens of rear camera which was not that impressive. Also, Pictures taken indoor were not that up to the mark. Rear camera really works good in outdoor better than other brand phones.


The battery is undetectable of 4115 mAH that can sustain to more than one day if you are not using your mobile much. For charging time of half an hour, it gives 70-80% of battery due to the superfast 30W charge OnePlus give to its customers. If I am engaged with my mobile so much watching videos, playing games etc then it gives me battery life of half a day. To me, streaming online videos and playing games drain much battery of OnePlus Nord rather than doing other activities in it such as net surfing, running social media apps etc.

OnePlus Nord vs 8:

One plus has a similar flagship model One plus 8 which has the likewise features as in Nord. Both has same Oxygen OS, same camera specs, Both has NFC, 5G support and same 90 Hz refresh rate, and both lagging in headphone jack.. Few differences like One Plus Nord has snapdragon 765G chipset whereas one plus 8 has 865 chipset, OnePlus Nord has GPU Adreno 620 whereas in one plus 8 it is Adreno 650. Moreover, OnePlus Nord has 6.44” screen whereas in one plus 8 its screen is 6.55”. The huge and the main difference is the price. The starting price of Nord is 333 $ whereas for one plus 8 it starting cost is 560 $. Therefore, if you are okay and satisfy with these differences in both then you can definitely look forward to buying One Plus Nord in such efficient cost.

Functioning & performance:

About its functioning, I have been using OnePlus Nord as my daily driver for last 10 days so here is my honest review. Its really smooth and fast. Fingerprint and Face Unlock feature is super fast. Literally no delays. Thanks to Oneplus Oxygen OS. OnePlus Nord does not give junk apps by default which I liked the most. I am using the 12 GB and 256 GB storage version. The apps are reasonably quick to open and good to use.90 Hz refresh rate makes the browsing experience and watching videos super smooth. You can shift your refresh rate from 90 to 60 Hz if you want to save your battery for longer use. You have a lot of customization in settings which you can easily set any time. You can change your display, ambient display, so many finger-print options to choose.

Let see the pictures captured with different lenses.

48 MP rear

8 MP ultrawide

Depth 5 MP lens

Depth 5MP

Macro lens 2 MP

Front camera, 32 MP

Hence, in short pictures are really good but there is little distortion present in pics. Moreover, the macro lens of 2MP is not that great for which one plus is working on improvements as one plus is known for its day to day regular updates. Outdoor camera quality is pretty amazing and impressive.


Now, the question here is, is it worth buying this mobile? Does it give you premium exposure? How is the comfort level?

Well, the One Plus Nord model is no doubt has super glossy look, a light weight, with super curved body though it is of plastic to cut the price down. It has given with similar features like one plus 8 except few like chipset, GPU, Metal body and so on which won’t be bringing much changes. The video from rear camera has 2400 by 1080 resolution which is pretty good and crystal clear. In case of back and front camera quality, I felt little disturbance in images taken inside. Otherwise, this is overall good in functioning.

If you feel that these differences are menial to you and the cost suits your requirements. Then this model is built for you.

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