The OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro received the update to Android 12 with the OxygenOS 12 just recently. After the initial release for the Pixel series by Google, Android 12 is now expanding to all other smartphone manufacturers.

However, everything does not seem to be going smoothly with the updated OxygenOS 12. Users are reporting that it is littered with bugs. Not only that, the new version seems to have even removed some functions, which users had been accustomed to and really comfortable with for years.

The issues range from seemingly minor ones like UI inconsistencies and poor animations to potentially crippling ones like slow Wi-Fi speeds and losing the ability to make and receive calls. With the update installed, users apparently lose the ability to change individual icons, disable Google Feed, or customise the status bar.

Considering how OxygenOS 12 went through numerous beta tests before the stable version was made available, it is unexpected for the OS to be in such a bad condition. Users have been complaining about the update across platforms.

A section of users is also reporting issues being unable to set up their OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro devices following this update to OxygenOS 12 Developer Preview 1. According to them, the setup process gets stuck, leaving them with soft-bricked devices.

Meanwhile, a community expert by the name of Abdul B. even shared the detailed step by step guide on how to OxygenOS 12 to OxygenOS 11 guide.

The OxygenOS 12 promises a new look and layout along with features like enhanced dark mode. The company is also adding a shelf for cards to make data content easier to read. The phones started adding earphone control cards to manage earbuds with one click.

OnePlus says it has optimised the layout, adjusted the settings directory, and improved some functions. Here are some of the frequently used features that have been changed:

  • The “Parallel Apps” feature had its name changed to “App cloner”, and can be found under Settings.
  • The “Wireless emergency alerts” setting has been moved to Settings.
  • You can now find the “Do not disturb” settings under Settings – Sound & vibration – Do not disturb.
  • “Storage” and “System updates” have been moved to “About phone”, with “System updates” being renamed to “Up to date”.
  • The “Wireless emergency alerts” setting has been moved to Settings – Safety & emergency – Wireless emergency alerts.
  • If you want to manage your data usage, please go to Settings – Mobile network – Data usage – Data saving.
  • If you want to change the accent color, please go to Settings – Personalizations – Colours.

Also, bugs and issues are common on phones after big software updates and OxygenOS 12 doesn’t seem to be very different. We can expect OnePlus to release a minor update acknowledging the issues reported by OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro users in India.


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