Oppo’s first foldable phone, the Find N, is set to launch on the first day of the company’s upcoming Inno Day event, December 15. After months of leaks and rumours, Oppo will finally foray into the foldable device market, and the person who helmed the design of Find N – Pete Lau – has penned an open letter.

“This [Oppo Find N] is our first foldable flagship smartphone a result of four years of intense R&D and 6 generations of prototypes. This device is OPPO’s answer to the future of smartphones, and one that I’ve been truly excited about since taking on the role as chief product officer at OPPO,” said Lau, who is also the chief executive of OnePlus, one of the top premium smartphones brands that merged into Oppo recently.

The first prototype of Oppo’s ambitious foldable phone arrived in 2018, but it took the company nearly three years to finesse it to the point that it would finally be ready for the market. Lau cited this delay to the refinement of the foldable as a phone because even though several brands have already launched their foldable devices, “barriers such as utility, durability and user experience continue to prevent foldable devices from becoming a more feasible daily driver for most people.”

Lau has mentioned that he took the onus of guiding the Oppo Find N’s design team to overcome these barriers. He has underscored two principles that guided Lau and his team “in making this product a reality.” And what could be better than hearing it directly from the man behind the plan?


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