Oppo is all about new breakthroughs in consumer technology. It recently showed off a retractable camera, which is the first such technology in the world. But many of Oppo’s technologies are not the first of their kind but rather emulations. One such emulation may be Oppo’s concept devices with rear displays. Oppo has patented at least three devices and all of them have a rear display in different designs.

The images procured by LetsGoDigital show the three Oppo phones that have the rear display in common. Although they come in different sizes and shapes. For instance, while one phone has a circular rear display inside a round camera bump, the other one has a rectangular display with cameras fixed above it. The third one has a rectangular display inside a round camera bump.

I used the word emulation for some of Oppo’s technologies. That is because the company mostly aims to finesse technologies by overcoming the issues that occurred in the initial versions. Rear displays are not new. Xiaomi has it on its Mi 11 Ultra phone. So does Meizu on Meizu Pro 7. Vivo has it too on the Nex Dual Display. And now Oppo may be planning at least three phones with rear displays.

The patents do not reveal much about the application of these display designs. It is also not clear whether or not these displays are touchscreen. But from what I understand, considering previous rear-display smartphones and foldable phones, Oppo will use the rear displays for notifications, selfies, and Always-On Display. These displays could also double as displays for selfies.

Patents at this stage do not mean they will translate into real-world devices. And although there is a high chance Oppo will launch at least one of them, the company may have got these designs certified only to stop its competitors from using them for their own designs. That is necessary if Oppo wants to stay on top in the world of unique and bizarre smartphone designs. But whether a phone like this will become a reality is something only time will tell.


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